Indoor Sandbox Fun: Mess-Free, Nearly Free To Make

Indoor Sandbox Fun:  Mess-Free, Nearly Free To Make

zoes sandbox

My three year old Zoe was staring sadly out the window today at the morass of mud and snow that is our backyard.  She loves nothing more than creating elaborate meals in her sandbox during the warmer months. Swear to God, the kid is like the Julia Childs of dirt.  So we hit Lowe’s today and found a kiddie pool for $2.99 out of season, and a bag of play sand for $4.99.  (Editor’s note: some sand bags are not designed for children and the material can contain arsenic and lead–make sure the bag is clearly labeled as play sand and “non-toxic.”)

zoe blissful

The price tag?  $8.23.  Zoe?  Ecstatic.  Her expression?  Priceless.

zoe's sandbox

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4 responses to “Indoor Sandbox Fun: Mess-Free, Nearly Free To Make”

  1. merity says:

    Zoe , my love, you make me smile.

  2. kelli says:

    she is absolutely adorable! and you rock! what a great idea!

  3. todderinfav5admin says:

    I’m frankly shocked she hasn’t managed to trash the family room with it–and she’s tried. 🙂

  4. fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

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