Ink Cartridge Running Low? A Sneaky Fix

Ink Cartridge Running Low?  A Sneaky Fix. Why do the ink cartridges in my printer always choose to run out just as I’m printing off my presentation, the kid’s homework, the last greeting card?


Why?  WHY?

Angry, Frustrated Woman


Some things can never be answered, but it’s possible to swerve around that hatefully cheerful “ink is low!”  and save your project.  The following steps don’t always work, but they’ve worked for me enough to post this–you can usually get 5-10 copies or pics after the procedure.

ink cartridge life hack

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One response to “Ink Cartridge Running Low? A Sneaky Fix”

  1. Taminar says:

    I’ve used this trick with a couple of different models of laser printers.Take the cartridge out. Make sure you hold it so any toner can’t fly out of the opening. Shake it good. Reinstall. Sometimes you have to do it a couple of times, but I’ve usually be able to get a few more page out that way, in a pinch.

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