Instant Karma With A Baseball Bat & Embarrassing Old Videos

SO MUCH TO DO on today’s Todd and Erin Morning Stream! First, we discuss the irony of an investigator from the state’s version of the FBI getting nailed for a DUI- but here’s the part that really irritates us: he was on a “training exercise” at resort heaven Lake Powell- REALLY?

We’ve got all your weekend goodness, including a list of all the Cinco De Mayo Awesome along the Wasatch Front. Also, a delightful case of instant karma with a baseball bat, and humiliating video of Erin throwing up at the Worst. Possible. Moment.

Teeny Tiny Daisy’s on location in London with news about the Royal Family, and taunting photos of her adventures because she’s all…like…British.

What’s the plan for Game 2 in Utah Jazz playoffs against the Golden State Warriors? We’ll discuss, along with a cautionary playoff tale of what happens when you mess with our Jazz.

Plus! Another Tell Me something Good, and giveaways for the “Will Rogers Follies” at Pioneer Theater and dinner for 4 at Christopher’s Prime Steakhouse. Have a listen, won’t you?

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