Interview With Train: Wine, Success, Failure & Couple’s Counseling

Interview With Train: Wine, Success, Failure & Couple’s Counseling. I’ll be honest: I almost hate meeting artists I love because I’m terrified they’ll be creeps.











The guys from Train are SO COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE of that.  Pat, Jimmy and Scott were so much more fun and entertaining than you might expect–especially when Pat (lead singer and lyricist) sulks in and throws himself, scowling, on his chair.  To have such hugely successful artists (Grammy awards, platinum records) be as candid and charming as they were is a wonderful surprise.

Session Notes:

Where: in-studio, Salt Lake City

Highlights: relentlessly mocking each other, needing couple’s counseling to “Get The Band Back Together”

Lowlights: getting signed by Columbia Records and dumped by Columbia Records in the same weekend

Mood: Pat was terribly cranky right up to starting the interview, then turned into Mr. Charm.  Such a good guy!  Scott plays “Mr. Sexy,” and Jimmy is clearly “Mr. I’m Going To Need Bail Money.”  Amazingly charming guys.


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