Haute Macabre: It Wasn’t A Phase…

Editor’s note: I removed a picture from this post that caused some confusion.  There was a complaint that the model appeared nude under the shirt in the photo.  I have never posted nudity on this site and never will, but I apologize if anyone else felt uncomfortable by the photo.

Remind me to hide all those pictures of me in my tragic Emo phase from the 90’s.  I really don’t want the twins to see me with my half-shaved head and black lipstick.

But let’s be honest: you just don’t grow out of some things.  I still love macabre fashion, though the only times I get away with wearing it is during Halloween and at Burning Man, where pretty much any fashion statement is a good one.  If your tastes lean a little dark, you need to take a look at the new fall line from Haute Macabre.



This is from Malgorzata Dudek‘s new line…



This would be perfect for my Poison Ivy phase…



Look, before you get creeped out, remember that I’m the one who broke into furious tears when Vera Wang came out with her amazing bridal line–in blacks and grays.  MY Vera Wang was white.  Plain, boring white.


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