Julian Lennon – Photography, Music & Saving Africa

Julian Lennon – Photography, Music & Saving Africa


You know, the thing about Julian Lennon is that he could TOTALLY be that guy.  The “hey, my Dad is John Lennon you know that guy from the Beatles?”  But, he’s not.  Julian called us on our morning radio show to talk about his passion for photography and music.  He’s using them both to bring water to the African continent through his charitable foundation.  After two years of non-stop concert tours, Julian is releasing his new CD AND art show AND documentary called “Through The Picture Window.”  The man is not lazy.



Oh, and holy crap!  Julian just turned 50!  Fifty!  I’m freaking out!  He’s an amazing soul and so not what you’d expect.  In fact, The Todd and I selfishly kept talking way past our set time and had to be reminded (forcefully) by the agent that it was time to go.  Like a proper British gentlemen, Julian apologizes for the interruption and thanks us for the “lovely chat.”  And remembers our names. Have a listen to the interview, you’re going to love this guy…

Photo credit for album artwork: Taylana

Julian Lennon interview with Todd and Erin julian lennon interview

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6 responses to “Julian Lennon – Photography, Music & Saving Africa”

  1. I think he is brilliant. I have been an admirer for several years. He has a heart filled with hope and inspiration.
    Hugs !

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Taylana–thank you for letting me know! I’ll be sure to give you attribution in the post. Thank you for letting us share your beautiful work!

  3. Taylana says:

    My pleasure Todd. Glad you liked of what I did, and again thank you for sharing 😉

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