Jump Start Yourself: 5 Tips On Getting Stuff Done

Jump Start Yourself: 5 Tips On Getting Stuff Done. The Todd and I are between morning shows.  We’ve never been let go from a radio station before, so it was a shock…but it really shouldn’t be.  The average morning radio shows lasts about two and a half years before being sent off.  We’re waiting to start at a new station, and you would think I would have finally conquered my world.

You know, all the stuff you vow you would finish if you “just had more time?”

I’ve dreamt of cleaning and reorganizing my entire house…getting the kid’s scrapbooks caught up (they all kind of peter out at 6 months)…spending Quality Time with my offspring…finally learning about Search Engine Optimization…brush up on my Norwegian…

Nope.  I suck.

jump start

So, sterner measures must be taken.  I turned to my organizing girlfriends.  Here’s 5 ironclad tips for jump-starting just about anything.

Jump Start Yourself: 5 Tips On Getting Stuff Done

1.  Take advantage of little chunks of time.  It’s easy to think, “oh, I only have 15 minutes…not enough time to pay the bills.”  But it is enough time to open and sort all the mail, sign permission papers for school and file anything that doesn’t need to be just sitting there.


2.  Don’t make a task bigger than it needs to be.  Yes, it would be nice to mop the floor, crawl around on my hands and knees and scrub all the baseboards and under the stove and then wax the floor ’till I can see my reflection.  But if I’ve got 30 minutes before picking up the twins from school, mop the blasted thing and throw on a little Quick-shine before they tromp through the doors.


3.  Caroline’s Law: when the vacuum’s out: use it everywhere.  Cobwebs on the ceiling, under area rugs, under the couch, crumbs in the silverware drawer.



4.  Juli’s Law: Lower Your Standards.  My sister is the most pristine cleaner you can imagine.  Her folded laundry is like origami.  But with a new adopted baby and rescuing cats (told you I was the slacker in the family) she now works on keeping things sanitary, not perfect.


5.  Bask In Your Success: Carlie actually snaps a picture of her newly cleaned bathroom/bedroom/laundry with her iPhone and uses the photos to remember how nice everything can look and how easy it was to actually do.  With a concrete reminder that you have done this and will do it again, jumping back in is easy-peasy.

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