Katy Perry! What Is WRONG With You?

We all have one.  The friend with terrible taste in men who excitedly calls you to tell you about their latest True Love who will break their hearts in…counting down…3…2…1…



Katy Perry is dating  John Mayer.  If you listen closely, you will hear women screaming with horror all around the planet right now.  It’s perfectly okay if you like his music, I can accept that.  But how can there be anyone left with ovaries willing to date this creep?  Katy!  Remember Jessica Simpson?  Jennifer Aniston?  Vanessa Carlton?  Jennifer Love Hewitt?  Minka Kelly?  Look, my fingers are getting tired of typing and I’m halfway through the list of female celebrities the man has mistreated, used and dumped.



It’s bad enough when it’s just your friend and everyone in your circle knows she’s making a terrible mistake.  What excuse is there when there’s repeated press reports of this man being a complete slimebag?  (Editor’s note: let me add my two cents: after being forced to interview John Mayer twice, I nearly started crying when my Program Director wanted me to take some winners backstage to meet him after a concert.  I knew he’d be mean and horrible and I’d have to try to jolly up the winners afterwards.  I’m not saying he doesn’t have charming moments.  I’m sure he does.  I’ve just never seen any of them.)

Katy!  Come on.  Don’t you have any girlies to slap you into next week?

Cover photo credit: Celeb Buzz

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