Keen Shoes 60% Off, Baby!!

I’ve been circling Zulily’s website like a vulture, because I knew they’d been having Keen Shoes on sales this month.  Behold!  Plus a bunch of other really handy stuff.  All these offers are good through Saturday, 8.10.13.




Keen Shoes: THE best for hiking and outdoor and 60% off by clicking here.



Disguise: perfect time to hit this brand if you want to dress the entire family up for Halloween.  And 55% off by clicking here.


on the road

On The Road–Car Organization: with everyone more or less living in their cars again to drive the family back and forth, this is the perfect place to organize everything so our cars don’t look like we’re actually living in them.  (Editor’s note: and there’s days that I think I do.  Put a shower in there and I’d be set.)  70% off by clicking here.


the mountain

The Mountain: love those wild new 3D animal shirts?  Get them for 70% off by clicking here.



Mark The Milestone Collection: adorable onesies and t-shirts for big milestones and 40% off by clicking here.



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