Kid’s Chore Checklists That Actually WORK

It’s the endless emotional battle: continue to hover and nag my sons to make sure they’re doing their chores properly, or give up and do it myself?



Brilliant Idea #1:  Obviously, the little monkeys will never learn to clean properly if I don’t, but I found a nice haldway point–printed, laminated checklists with little notes of encouragement to make it easier.  The checklists attach to the cleaning bucket that has all of their tools required to clean that area.  When it’s done, they get the satisfaction of checking the task off, they know exactly what is required to finish their cleaning, and I don’t have to hover and nag.

(Editor’s note: I made my own laminated checklists because I have specific things that I need done.  If you’d rather not bother, there’s an excellent series here that you can buy for a mere $1.50.)




Brilliant Idea #2:  Best. Idea. EVER.  For teenagers: cut off their lifeline to the Internet with a changing password.  They can’t get online until they’ve done their chores.  This works for iPads, Nook, Xbox, etc.  That’s Evil Genius, my friend.


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