I Did Not Know That! The 5 Best Life Hacks Of The Week

I Did Not Know That! The 5 Best Life Hacks Of The Week. Why the 5 best life hacks of the week?  Because if there were ever a time we need more…um…time, it would be now as the frenzy of the Holidays ramps up.  One silly thing standing in your way of creating the Most Magnificent Holiday Ever could be all it takes to find you weeping in your walk-in closet, kicking the wall repeatedly and twisting hangers into balloon animal shapes.  (Editor: yes, that is autobiographical.)


The 5 Best Life Hacks Of The Week:

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Life Hack #1:  Make a cheap icepack from a wet sponge, put in a ziplock and thrown in the freezer.




Life Hack #2: Free your carpets and upholstery from the tyranny of pet hair with a rubber-tipped squeegee.




Life Hack #3:  I can’t count the number of fingernails I’ve brutalized, trying to add keys to a stubborn key ring.




Life Hack #4:  Boost your illumination from your cell screen by putting it underneath a water bottle.




Life Hack #5:  Used this SO MANY times.






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