I Did Not Know That! 5 Genius Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home

5 Genius Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home

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I don’t care if it’s OCD or not, there’s just certain things that bug the living crap out of me.  You, too?  Passing by the messy pile of computer router boxes and tangled spiderwebs of cords?  Or the bulky avocado green thermostat box?  Whatever it is, there’s a sneaky way to hide it. A way so brilliant, so diabolical, it must be called Evil Genius.


5 Genius Ways To Hide Eyesores In Your Home


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1. There’s no space more hideous in the house than the utility room.  Scads of outlets, pipes, cords and inexplicable holes in those bleak concrete walls.   Take a look at this clever pegboard coverup option.



evil genius 2

2. Everyone has folding chairs.  And they’re always that ugly color that defies description.  Spray paint them a bright and cheerful color with a handy metal spray paint.



evil genius 3

3. Sick of that hideous tile floor?  It’s surprisingly easy to paint and update the entire look of the room.



evil genius 4

4. Then there’s that cheesy, outdated refrigerator.  How about chalkboard paint?  It holds beautifully and creates a handy list area and doodle board.



evil genius 5

5. Or update all the appliances with stainless steel contact paper.  Yes, it’s real and it looks good!  Here’s the simple tutorial.


evil genius 6

Oh, here’s your bonus one, so simple I was embarrassed to number it.  Put a drop cloth behind your computer desk to hide the tangle of electrical cords.

Ready for more?  Check Buzzfeed’s clever post.

evil genius 5

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