I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier

I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier


Welcome to yet another round of “I Did Not Know That!” ย This is our ongoing quest for clever and simple tips to make your life easier.

light bulb over head

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I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier


youtube hacks 2






stretching shoes






cookies and banana substitute



papercut and chapstick



sugar cures burnt tongue



world map shower curtain



un-denting ping pong balls



healing a mosquito bite



rubbing alcohol for stains



youtube hacks tip 1

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65 responses to “I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier”

  1. Heinrich D. Bag says:

    Chopstick for paper cut……how? Stab yourself in the eye?

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Thank you to everyone for your comments–it’s a playful post that works for some and not others. Madison–you are SO correct about the typo. Derp, I’m sorry you weren’t hugged enough as a child. I hope you become a happier person.

  3. Mal says:

    Sleepy while driving? Put the air con on full blast, and aimed at your feet. Wakes you up without drying out your eyes.

  4. Rick says:

    CHAPSTICK not chopstick …smh

  5. will says:

    Yeah, while I love these “life hacks” posts, I find it somewhat amusing that everyone seems to just copy off everyone else, and probably haven’t even tried 1/20 of the things on the list.

    Inclusion of “heal paper cuts and reduce pain with chopstick” on MANY lists is just one small bit of proof.

    (That and the glowing mountain dew, which is blatant trolling BS).

    OP can, of course, be forgiven the mistake, but you REALLY should provide source information when you’re copying someone else’ work for your post.

    @Derp Not everyone is stupidly sensitive to sugar in the same way as you.

    In fact, lots of carbs with a high glycemic index tend to make me crash quickly, more than anything. At least that’s how it seems. Who knows– maybe that’s psychosomatic, or some other weird response–but that’s how it works for me.

  6. The Sanity Inspector says:

    The vivid dream that the “tons of apple juice” gives you is writhing water spirits screaming at you to wake up before you wet your bed.

  7. Mac says:


    Some of these are true, of course, and yet others I just have no idea.

  8. Josee says:

    The sock trick does not work. I tried that once before I even read that tip and it stretched out the back so badly that the shoes flip off my feet when I walk in them.

  9. c. says:

    Hmm. If your shoes are too small, how are you going to put them on over three pairs of socks?

  10. samantha says:

    hahahha everyones comments are freakin hilarious.

  11. scooby says:

    some of these are blatant lies but the sugar curing a burnt tongue made me LOL. somebody tell the doctors and nurses in the burn units – just pour sugar over people, it cures them.

    to think of all the people who lost the lives or have permanent scaring. if only they had access to sugar!

    • scooby's doo says:

      Scooby, your comment is so retarded I actually took the time to hit the reply button and write this, just so I could tell you what an idiot you are.

      I really, really hope somebody doesn’t have to sit down with you and actually describe how “burning your tounge” differs from a patient with 3rd degree burns in a hospital. Please tell me you know the difference.

  12. pooj says:

    the ping pong ball one is a joke, and a dangerous one at that. sure, holding a lighter under the ball will expand the gas. it will also weaken the plastic, create a hole and ignite the ball in your hand.

    “Ping pong balls burn because they are composed of celluloid, which is like gun cotton or nitrocellulose. It’s extremely flammable. The old balls consisted of acidified celluloid, which became increasingly unstable over time. The slightest spark or heat from friction could ignite these balls.”

    • Samerious says:

      The ping pong ball trick does work. I’m not sure of the exact science behind it, but we have been drunk enough to try it after a few rounds of beer pong and a deficit of pong balls.

      On the flip side if too much heat is applied to them, hypothetically from a Bic lighter it will burst into flame. They also have a tendency to reignite if stomped you must poor beer (water would probably work too) to put them out a quick stomp will not do it.

      Source: First Hand Experience.

      • Tricia says:

        Lolol not dangerous at all, unless you are an idiot and literally touch the flame to the ball. It works 100% of the time, unless of course, its cracked.

    • When I was a kid (1960s) my Aunt used to put dented ping-pong balls in a pan of water and heat them until they returned to shape.

  13. Xander says:

    Be wary of any of these Youtube ‘tricks’.
    They’re just sending you to a different site that may or may not be full of viruses (and even if they aren’t at the time of publishing, sites -do- change owners).

  14. esperanza rodriguez says:

    don’t sleep at wal-mart. Their parking lots have unusually high crime rates. see wal-mart documentary on netflix!!

  15. Jason says:

    Don’t try falling asleep at walmart, because they will ask you to leave. First hand experience.

  16. BaconCape says:

    great post! love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Tina says:

    What a load of rubbish.. if it was meant to be funny.. well it isn’t really.

  18. Ashley says:

    Sugar does not actually make you hyper, that is a myth perpetuated by the fact the children at parties usually have a lot of energy and there are usually sugary treats at children’s parties. The children are actually excited by the situation not the sugar. Sugar just provides an energy source for their excitement, when they seem to crash from being excited and energetic all day it just means they’ve worn themselves out. Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, but they don’t make us hyper, they just give us fuel.

    On the flip side of this apples actually contain a chemical that will help to make you more awake and alert (it is more powerful than caffeine but since it works in a different more subtle way people don’t really notice it they way they would caffeine). I don’t know if it’s effects are intense enough or long lasting enough to prevent sleep. On the other hand this chemical (like some nutrients and other compounds) may not survive the process used to convert apples into apple juice, I do not know one way or the other whether it does.

    • Articate says:

      Sugar absolutely makes you hyperactive. It’s from hyperglycemia. The spike in blood sugar levels can cause excitation and restlessness. The subsequent crash is from the inevitable dip in blood sugar; hypoglycemia. Sugar is a carbohydrate, but it’s not complex. The spike in blood sugar will be huge, and the body will send out lots of insulin, which opens up cells to take away sugar from the blood-stream (since glucose can be used in all cells in the body and is converted to ATP). However, the big spike in insulin combined with the fact that it’s not complex carbohydrates, which would result in the chains being broken down over time, makes blood sugar levels crash and you feel tired.

  19. James says:

    If your shoes are too small how the hell do you get them on with 3 pairs of socks ????

  20. Mr.Loto says:

    I did not know that Amazon refunded the difference within a month. Good to know.


  21. Cassandra says:

    As for this article….. give the guy a break. You all sound like spoiled brats. I mean the advise is good but the bulling and attacks make u look like Ur parents should’ve gave u a lil more attention and I bet the kids on the playground never played with you guys. Its one thing to give advice and tell someone where they messed up and its another to be just flat out rude and nasty. Seems like you just want all eyes on you and the blogger the but of Ur jokes so ppl will think Ur cool. Well none of you guys look cool but the ppl who are respectful. And you can say what you want about me after u read this, but I don’t care you know why cuz I have respect for others and I don’t have to put ppl down, be rude to them, or make sum one the but of my jokes to feel cool.
    To the blogger, don’t let these ppl stop you from putting what u like and what you want out for ppl to read. Don’t let others make u feel stupid for putting what u like out there. Express your self in all the ways you feel nessessary. Don’t let anyone make you feel dumb or anything for any thing u do. You rock no matter what. Well unless Ur sum kind of kiddie snatcher or child rapist. If that’s you then Ur a fuck’n sick motherfucker. Thanks for the article. I really enjoyed it. Even if it did have mishaps.

  22. Cindy says:

    Well…back in the 1970’s we played a ton of ping pong, didn’t know about beer pong. Mom said “throw them in a pot of boiling water for a minute they will pop out because I’m sick of buying those damn balls…” It worked every time!

  23. Napoleon says:

    the repeat on youtube works

  24. TIPS says:

    […] I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier […]

    • drummer says:

      You said: Also your grammer and spelling is awhful.

      Clearly you see the irony in your comment? Hint: “grammer” is spelled “grammar”, there’s a typo/misspelling of “awful”, and you made two grammar mistakes: no comma after “Also”, and “is” should be “are”.

    • drummer says:

      Sorry TIPS. My previous reply was meant for Zach. The placement of the Reply link is deceptive.

  25. Zach says:

    Cool tips, thanks. Also your grammer and spelling is awhful

  26. Jeffrey says:

    When whipping a towel, use the same motion as when throwing a frisbee. That will ensure a perfect snap every time.

  27. […] I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier […]

  28. Steve says:

    Ping pong balls are highly flammable so yeah i’d keep the lighter away. when we were kids we lit them up just to watch how fast and furiously they burned.

  29. Collin P says:

    There should be a disclaimer for the ping pong ball one: do not hold the lighter too close to the ball or it will BLOW THE FUCK UP!!!

  30. Leo Garcia says:

    very funny and useful stuff. thank you

  31. Leo Garcia says:

    did not know about the ice cubes trick. As a guy…. thats a good one to remember

  32. Cindy says:

    The reason I love this website is because the comments are so wonderful.Also it reminds me not to believe everything you read.

  33. Steve Carlsberg says:

    The Walmart one is incorrect. My wife and I were driving through Nevada, got sleepy but couldn’t find a motel. Tried the walmart parking lot and we got booted outta there by the parking lot troll almost immediately.

  34. izkha says:

    press a hot spoon onto the spot for mosquito bite? this really work?

  35. RT says:

    If it’s the alcohol in Listerine that dries the zit, why not just use alcohol?

  36. broughtonizb says:

    Millions of children are killed every year from holding lighters under their bent turtle eggs, I mean ping-pong balls. Stop the madness!!!

  37. charlotte says:




  38. I tired the hot spoon on mosquito bits, Living in a tropical environment, seem to work better than all the oil and creams.

    • todderinfav5admin says:

      Yay! I’m glad it worked for you. With that climate, you can use all the resources you can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Marcus says:

    I’m surprised about the bad experience at Wal-Mart. I just finished my degree and had to sleep in the loving arms of the Big W many a time because I was so broke. Never got bothered by a security guy, and there’s usually a couple of nice old folks in their rv as neighbors.

    Liked the life hacks. Maybe some of you could use a little anger counseling. There seems to be a lot of rage and betrayal shared for a simple lifestyle post.

  40. Sara says:

    It is important to tell them when their ideas are dangerous such lighting a Ping pong ball when it could burst into flames.Especially for people who read this and try it without reading the comments to know it dangerous. No the creators should not be harrassed but they should check their sources before posting and change their mistakes. And Cassandra it sounds like you are being cruel and harassing people as well. There are other ways to state what you said without giving back to people what you are against. I know there have been other comments since that post, but yours really stood out to me.

  41. Aliza matt says:

    very useful info thanks for this post ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Howard says:

    great points altogether, you just received a new reader.
    What could you suggest about your publish that you just made some days ago?
    Any positive?

  43. Nami says:

    SS thing does not work. Scam.

  44. I didn’t know that ! Nice facts, thanks !

  45. Adam says:

    There are trolls and a smart ass everywhere u look on the internet, and people that feed into it, sad

  46. Karl says:

    Putting “ss” between “www.” and “youtube” attempts to install malware on your computer. DON’T DO IT.

  47. […] I Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easier โ€ฆ โ€“ Comments 61 responses to โ€œI Did Not Know That! Clever Tips To Make Your Life Easierโ€ […]

  48. sahirkhan12 says:

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