I Did Not Know That! Five Diet Myths Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

I Did Not Know That!  Five Diet Myths Sabotaging YourWeight Loss




Look, it’s hard enough losing weight when you’re motivated, disciplined and doing the work. Being undercut by dutifully following some of the Old School Diet Myths is just completely unfair.

Enter Kimberly Snyder, Nutritionist To The Stars (no, seriously, like Drew Barrymore and Kerry Washington.)  The author of The Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Will Transform Your Body and Reveal a More Beautiful You kindly debunks the stuff that’s keeping us heavier than we deserve to be.

5 diet myths

Five Diet Myths Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

1. MYTH: Drinking more water will help you lose weight.  It’s imperative to stay hydrated, but upping your fluid intake won’t necessarily help you lose weight. Many times when you think you’re hungry, you may actually be dehydrated — so do replenish throughout the day. However, Snyder warns that drinking water during meals should be limited. “Drinking too much water while eating can dilute digestive enzymes, and make digestion harder.”

2. MYTH: Eating fat makes you fat.
Just like you shouldn’t rule out all carbs, you should never restrict the entire category of fats. “Eating the right kinds of fats is okay, as they can provide some benefits. An example of a healthy fat is avocados, as they are a great source of ‘good’ fat and are extremely filling,” Snyder says. But like everything else, they should be eaten in moderation. “Fat is slow to digest, and too much of any fat can be congestive.”

3. MYTH: Small, frequent meals boost metabolism.
Eating small meals may temporarily boost metabolism, but Snyder argues that because you’re always digesting, your digestion system will get overworked, using up a lot of energy. “Also, if new foods are constantly coming down the pipeline, you won’t be able to fully digest and fully assimilate the nutrients of everything you’ve eaten.”

4. MYTH: The more calories you cut, the more weight you’ll lose.
“Yes, we do want to eat fewer calories in general, but making that a top priority is not going to help shed the pounds. Plus, if you cut calories, not only will you suffer and obsess, but your body will get used to functioning on fewer calories and may still hold onto excess weight. When you give your body quality, fiber-filled and whole foods, you will see your body change in a natural way — and without starving.”

5. MYTH: Drinking vegetables is better than eating them.
“Not necessarily. Having vegetables in all forms is essential for staying healthy,” says Snyder. Consider blending vegetables into a smoothie rather than choosing a pressed juice. “Blending is great because it is a form of ‘pre-digesting,’ breaking down the foods to ensure you can absorb all the nutrients. Most people don’t chew enough. Cooked veggies may lose some vitamins, but are still nourishing and provide lots of fiber, minerals and other phytonutrients.”


Ready to debunk more myths?  Check out the article on DailyMakeover.com

5 diet myths keeping you fat

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