Grouponers: Here’s One For 92% Off Lasik With Hoopes Vision!

If you love Groupon, here’s a whole new reason: there’s one for 92% off Lasik with Hoopes Vision!

$100 Lasik

Having had Lasik and having touted endlessly that it’s the closest thing to a medical miracle I’ve ever experienced, the next words out of my mouth are “DON’T go for the bargain!”  It’s your vision.  Nothing is more important than who does it.

But this killer $100.00 offer is from Hoopes Vision.  I’ve worked with them before, and they have an unbelievable patient satisfaction rate.  They’re excellent, and I have suggested (or sternly ordered) people to go to them before.  I’ve spoken with patients who do considerable research and choose to fly in from other states and even other countries to get their vision correction done with Hoopes.   (Editor’s disclosure: no, Hoopes Vision isn’t paying me for an endorsement here, but I do get a small referral fee.  Just wanted you to know.)  Anyway, standard Lasik fee is around $1,200.00.   Hoopes Vision is offering a Lasik procedure for a mere $100.00 on Groupon. EEEEK!  There’s the Christmas gift that makes you the Coolest Human Ever.


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