How Long Will YOU Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? A Quiz

To be honest, I don’t if this is sensible or makes The Todd and I look even weirder than you thought we were.

surviving the zombies

When we were dating, we used to go on endless road trips to various fishing holes and have animated discussions about What We Would Do When The Zombie Apocalypse Comes.  


Yeah, I know.  You’re thinking we’re even creepier than you expected.

But seriously!  It could be anything, but how will you fare?  This is the subject of like, half a dozen new shows this Fall, so why not get the jump now and make your own battle plan?  Then, when all those D-list stars are struggling through their own manufactured crisis on TV, you sit back and smirk.

How Will YOU Survive The Apocalypse?

surviving the apocalpyse

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