Melissa & Doug, Chicco & Crayola Toys For Up To 75% Off!

Behold the Awesome: Zulily has Melissa & Doug, Chicco & Crayola for up to 75% off!  Now, all you need is somewhere really, REALLY good to hide it all through December.  (Editor’s note: my girlie Janella and I thought we were SO cunning!  She hid her kid’s toys at my house and I hid all the goods for Zoe and the twins at Janella’s house.  Turns out our kids don’t care who the toys are for and whether they even wanted them.  Everything was out strewn across the house in the amount of time it took me to have a shower.  I’m looking for, like, a cave with a snarling Rottweiler guarding the opening.)  These offers are good through Friday the 15th–but I’d hop on them now if you find something you need.


ab-melissa and doug

Melissa & Doug’s excellent wooden toys and playsets are up to 60% off.



ab chicco

Chicco Developmental Toys are up to 55% off.



ab eric carle

The World Of Eric Carle books, toys and playsets are up to 75% off.



ab crayola

Crayola art supplies, toys, books and play sets are up to 60% off.



ab balance bikes

The new balance bikes from Kazaam are up to 75% off.


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