Merry Christmas From The Collards…

…and I have to be honest.  The Holiday season is actually a difficult one for me.  Not because it’s not full of the joys of being with my incredible family, the gratitude of good health and employment, and the fierce love I have for my three beautiful men. 

It’s hard because, as a morning radio show, we’re known for–and expected–to supply Christmas for the needy.  We do everything from fundraisers for the Road Home homeless shelter and the Utah Humane Society to individual families to the children in the Utah Foster Care System with the Utah Youth Village.  And no matter how many clients we get involved, no matter how many funds are raised, there is never enough.  Especially in the last few years, when all of us are struggling more.

But this Holiday season also gave me hope.  I watched so many folks battling to make ends meet that spontaneously reached out to others enduring even greater challenges.  I heard “yes!” so many more times than I heard “we can’t help this year.”  There were so many open hearts…my favorite manager down at Smith’s Marketplace hugged me the other night when I was shopping for our little “project.”  Terry reached into his wallet and pulled out his cash and handed it to me, insisting that I “buy another present for that kid!”

We are touched daily by the love and generosity of the community here at That Went Well.  We’re amazed at how joyfully you budget for yourselves so that you can give more to others.  And with this constant reminder of the deep love we all share, I can’t imagine a more joyful Christmas.  Thank you all for giving me this gift.

With love and gratitude…

Todd, Erin, Zachie, MacLean (and Gille!) Collard

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4 responses to “Merry Christmas From The Collards…”

  1. Dear Erin and Todd, You are always doing charitable work, ALL year long! Not only monetary. Sometimes it’s a comment, a smile,a hug…’ve made a BIG difference in ALOT of peoples “bad day”, and even in their lives, and you probably don’t even realize it. I can actually say, you have made my life and Aliees, SO much brighter in SO many ways! Thank you both, from our heart. Forever B friends! Merry Christmas and GOD bless you..

  2. Erin (and sometimes The Todd) says:

    Love you and your beautiful family!

  3. Rochelle says:

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Heidi Magann says:

    You are an awesome family! Enjoyed your post and I shared it with my friends and family. May 2011 bless you and your family!
    By the way, thanks again for the chance to win the Portraits with Santa. We were able to get photos with Santa at my husband’s work so instead of using the certificate for Santa we have decided to use it for Easter since it is good until then. We have never had pictures with the Easter Bunny and we will definitely share them with you! (Btw, I was still able to go up to my hometown of Layton though!) 🙂

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