The New Disney Parks DVD Is Out! And It’s Free!

Editor’s Note: I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries about the Disneyland Parks DVD from those in the community who didn’t catch it the first time around.  Here you go!  And I included some other free vacation planning tools here as well.

I’m so excited–The Todd and I are working a radio event in Disneyland in September which means–we are taking the kids with us!  To stave off the incessant “are we going yet?  Are we going yet?  Are we going yet?  Are we going yet?” I’ve already ordered the new Disney Parks Vacation Planning DVD for the kids to watch as many times as necessary.

It cracks me up–I’ve actually seen this same DVD on eBay for $20.00!  Just order it free by clicking on Mr. Disney Box above.

Dunhill Travel Guides is a free service with screaming deals–discounted cruises, cheap hotels, low-cost airfare.  Thought it might help you plan that trip to the Magic Kingdom…or anywhere you’ve been thinking about.  Click here to order.

 Travel Guides is another good resource for free and low-cost options.  They’re especially good at family vacations.  Click here to order info for whatever direction you’re heading.



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