New Year’s Resolution: Helping Others

When Zachie and MacLean were young, The Todd and I wanted to teach them compassion.

There’s lots of local things, of course, but there’s something about helping our kids to understand how truly dire and fragile life can be in other countries.  We let the boys pick a child in another country to “sponsor,” at first through chores, but at 12, they’re old enough to contribute to the monthly sum of $21.00.  They write letters to their “friends,” get answers back and pictures–to teach them how powerful their contribution is?  Priceless.

We picked Child Fund at the start of our marriage because their track record was excellent–low overhead, solid programs and it operates in some of the most difficult countries to help.  If this is a project you’d like to start as a family, click here to learn more.  I can hardly wait to help Zoe pick her first little person to support!

$  (Disclosure: this post is an Affiliate link–any sum made from you clicking this link will go to the support of additional children in the Child Fund program.)

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