Norman Reedus Talks Everything BUT “The Walking Dead”

You start off with a name like Norman Reedus, and you know the boy’s tough.  No cheesy movie-star names like Jack, or Blaze, or Cruz.


Plus, he’s low-key and really nice.  And even though he now commands screaming crowds of fans at airports, Norman Reedus is sweet and really seems to like us.  And I mean us.  If you’re not a FanGirl, you will be after watching this video.


We shot this at the Wizard World Convention in New York City…Norman talks about his about-to-be-published book of photography, fans, kids, “Boondock Saints,” rapping, “Blade…”  Everything, really, but not about “The Walking Dead.”  Because he’s not allowed by his network.  Jerks.  Click here to watch and enjoy the Cult Of Daryl Dixon.


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