Northern Bean Goodness–a wonderful soup from Todd!

soupWhen the cold temepratures hit I tend to overreact. I find my flannel shirts in storage, take a gander at my stacked firewood and head for the kitchen. This favorite came from my friend Barb Zocco. She grew up in Utah and says this soup was THE taste of fall for her family.

It’s so simple, so easy to make and yet so incredibly satisfying.

Soak a bag of great northern beans overnight–they seem to hold up better in the soup. The beans and a ham hock are the traditional recipe, but everyone likes to tinker a little. In the bottom of the soup pan, I brown a diced onion, and throw a little thyme in. Add the beans and the smoked ham hock. Add enough to cover, and simmer. You’ll be adding water 4-5 times during the cooking. When the beans are tender (1-2 hours) you’re ready to go. You can smash some of the beans against the side of the pan for a thicker consistency. It’s that simple, and a perfect soup for a change in the season!

This is about 75 cents a serving.  Can’t beat that.
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2 responses to “Northern Bean Goodness–a wonderful soup from Todd!”

  1. Karen Paulsen says:

    I grew up on hamhocks and beans. Mom would always make cornbread and fry up some potatoes to go with the meal. It was cheap and we didn’t have much money. So it worked. Brings back alot of memories!!!

  2. YUMMMM!!!! I’m the same way “The Todd”! A cozy blanket, a good book/movie, maybe a fire and something in the crockpot/cooking. Last week,(it was colder up north!),I made hamhocks and beans, vegetable beef soup, homemade tomato soup, and homemade chili w/bread bowls. There’s something homey/cozy about homemade soup smells wafting through the house on a cold snowey/rainy day!

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