I Did Not Know That! Ants! Mold! Car Sickness & More!

I Did Not Know That!  Ants! Mold! Car Sickness & More!

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I did not know that!  Here’s the latest round of oh, so helpful hints that will make our lives SO.  Much.  Better.  Getting rid of ants without poison? No more moldy shower curtains?  Getting that shirt that shrunk in the dryer back to it’s correct size? You can do these things!  You are GENIUS.



I Did Not Know That!  Ants! Mold! Car Sickness & More!

know that ant spray

1.  Spray ants with Febreze–it kills on contact and keeps you from having to coat the house and yard with poisonous sprays and traps.



know that shrunk in dryer

2.  Clothing shrank in the dryer?  Put the item in a bowl of ice water with one cup of cheap hair conditioner.  It’ll return to it’s normal size overnight.  Rinse in cold water and dry flat.



did not know car sick

3.  Getting nauseous from reading in the car?  (This is me.  Always.)  Put down the book and gently tilt your head from side to side a few times.  It always works for me!



clearing account data

4.  Trying to remove personal data from websites you no longer use or trust?  AccountKiller.com can help you remove the info–it’s color-coded to show you difficulty by site.



no mold shower curtain

5.  Never deal with a disgusting, moldy shower curtain again.  When buying a new shower curtain, wash it before use with a 1/2 cup of salt and hot water.  It will never, ever mold!

i did not know that ants mold dryer carsickness

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