Organize Your ENTIRE FREAKING HOUSE With A Trip To The Dollar Store

Organize Your ENTIRE FREAKING HOUSE With A Trip To The Dollar Store–I’m Serious!

 Every Sunday, the kiddos know that if they’ve rocked their chores for the weekend I’ll take them down to the Dollar Store.



Let’s face it: as much as I fight clutter in the house, there’s lots of lovely reinforcers, toys, holiday items and grooming stashes that they love.  And while they’re racking up the discount candy, I’m stocking up on…ORGANIZATIONAL TOOLS.

Seriously, I’ve known for years about the lovely–and dollar wise–organizational bonanza awaiting me there, but no one has every laid it out as beautifully as Mad In Crafts.  Take a look at the starter ideas below, then head over to her blog by clicking here for a complete list.




Organizing the entire family’s toiletries–no more screams of “Moooooom!  I can’t find my toothbrush!”  Click here.

Organizing cleaning supplies by where and how you use themClick here.




Creating Organizational Wall Gridsclick here.

Creating A Weekly Menu Boardclick here.




Organize Your Entire Bathroomclick here.

Laundry Room Organization–with printables!  Click here.



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