Organizing A Gift Wrap Central


Organizing A Gift Wrap Central. I learned my lesson about a gift wrap closet years ago when I realized I was racing up the stairs from the basement to the second floor to wrap gifts that would then be hidden on the first floor.  It was around midnight on Christmas Eve that I finally found all the gift-wrapping tape I’d bought on sale in September…in the storage room…on the third floor.

organizing gift wrap central


My girlie Nell has an actual Gift Wrapping Room.  It’s like entering Paradise.  I’ve thought about asking her to just let me live in there…I could be the Gift Wrap Fairy!  Throw in the gifts and an occasional chocolate bar and I’d never come out.

Most of us don’t have the room or need for a Gift Wrap Room, but since the twins started school and I’ve been buried under the avalanche of birthday parties, class parties, silent auction gift baskets and more, I finally had to create Gift Wrap Central for my own sanity.


Stocking Gift Wrap Central

  • Everyone knows the secret about buying gift wrap and ribbons after the Holidays when they go on drastic clearance, but that doesn’t do you any good if you can’t find them again.  Organize your GWC before buying big.
  • Big gift bags–usually the kind needed for toys–are nearly as expensive as the toys themselves.  Seriously, $6.00 a bag?  Every dollar store has the kind–for a dollar.  Stock up.  It’s also a great place to find cheap scissors, tape, and party paper goods.
  • Ribbon can be insanely expensive–and I hate buying bows because they always get squished.  Big stores like Costco and Sam’s Club sell huge spools of good fabric ribbon, and usually for less than the cheap bag o’ bows.
  • Store rolls of ribbon upright in a dollar store wastebasket or if you buy the big ones, suspended on curtain rods or wooden dowels.  This makes it easier to visually match the gift to the paper to determine how much you need.
  • Ribbon can be stored on wooden dowels as well–make sure to take a roll of ribbon to the store to make sure they’ll fit on the dowel size you want to use.
  • Gift bags can be stored in wire or wooden baskets attached to the wall to save space.
  • A long flat surface for wrapping and measuring is important–if you don’t have an extra desk, buy a cheap top at IKEA or home improvement store than can be lifted up and leaned against the wall and out of the way when not in use.
  • I have a big calendar on my station where I pre-write everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, etc. at the first of the year.  This way I can keep track of who needs what every month.  I’ll add on dates and parties when the twins bring home invitations and such.

Stations can be hung on the back of a door:

Stations can be tucked into an armoire:


Stations can be small and self-contained:


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2 responses to “Organizing A Gift Wrap Central”

  1. Christina says:

    The first two pictures look like scrap-booking rooms that I’d love to have. But at least I know where the gift wrap and ribbon is in the basement. Getting to it is a different story when my husband keeps piling up junk in front of it.

  2. todderinfav5admin says:

    Hah! That sounds familiar.

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