Paperwork: What To Keep, What To Toss

The most frequent excuse of any Hoarder is: “I might need that piece of paper someday!”  Paperwork: What To Keep, What To Toss


And, Heaven help you if it turns out that they actually do, and you’ve thrown it out.

But even the most disciplined organizer can hesitate.  What do you really need to keep, what can you toss? As we race down to the finish line of 2014, it’s an excellent time to clear all the scraps, useless files, piles of magazines and general crud flying around the house.  Of course, it’s fine to be all organized-right up to the point you really NEED that paper to prove something to the IRS, perhaps.

Here’s an excellent guide on what needs to be filed away and what can be sent to the shredder RIGHT NOW. (Editor’s note: I suddenly have this vision of a great villainess pointing a shrieking victim and pronouncing “to the shredder!” Hah!) I printed this guide out and taped to the inside of my file cabinet.  Hope it helps you too.

(Editor’s note: for some reason, I can’t get this thing to go to full size.  If you want to be able to read it without the aid of a magnifying glass, click here for a larger version.)

Paperwork: What To Keep, What To Toss

how long to hold on to financial records



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