Project Declutter: Get Rid Of 100 Things This Weekend

Project Declutter: Get Rid Of 100 Things This Weekend. I’m the daughter of a Hoarder.  And when I say Hoarder, I mean the kind of determined “I will buy every piece of junk in North America and store it in one of my 5 warehouses, 34 rental homes and assorted garages” kind of Hoarder.


What can I say?  My Dad has always been an overachiever.  I watch the Hoarding shows on TLC and laugh myself silly.  One of my sisters will invariably call and say gleefully “they think THAT dump is a Class Five?  Hah!  Amateurs.”

So purging is a big part of my organizational/simplify lifestyle.  And since we have a four day holiday weekend (in Utah, it’s Utah Educator’s Association weekend, where teachers attend endless conferences) coming up, it’s a perfect time to consider The Big Purge.  Here’s the goal: get rid of 100 things this weekend.



Getting Started:

Pick the room/closet/basement corner you hate the most.  Grab a boatload of garbage bags and a couple of laundry baskets or boxes.

Here’s how we’re sorting:

  • to give to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.
  • to give to family members or friends who can actually use said item  (it does NOT count if they have not expressly said they WANT said item)
  • to sell at a yard sale, consignment store, eBay
  • throw it out

I know it can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to dither over your choices.

Toss things out like old magazines, summer clothes that you never wore, fall clothes you still won’t fit in this year, kitchen gadgets that waste space, random keys & dead batteries from the junk drawer.  Liberate yourself from that ugly candle your mother gave you that you are never going to burn.  Give away that quilt your mother-in-law gave you guilt free to someone who needs it.

Don’t forget to hand the kids the same trash bags and have them pitch in.

Toss things out like that truck with only three wheels, that McDonald’s Happy Meal toy (how do those things find their way in our homes anyhow?), that old National Geographic Kids magazine, and that half ripped art project. Donate things like Baby Einstein videos and any other infant toys your seven year old swears they still play with!  Consider anything that has dust on it from inactivity.


This is the tricky part:  do NOT leave the bags and boxes in your driveway, basement or garage!  Take part of the afternoon to distribute items to the garbage, consignment store and various friends and/or charities.  Do not consider yourself done until the final steps are taken.  (Editor’s note: this comes from battles between The Todd and me: I will organize and purge and put everything in his garage “till I can deal with it.”  The Todd will clean out his garage and stack everything in the hallway leading to the basement until we all trip over the pile enough to carry it all back downstairs.)


Now sit back and admire the cleverness of you!  Need more decluttering tips?  Check out Lasso The Moon

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