Quiet Santa: A Gentle Visit For The Sensory-Challenged Kid

Quiet Santa: A Gentle Visit For The Sensory-Challenged Kid. “Quiet Santa” is a new movement to help children with special needs enjoy a moment with Santa, too. The Leonardo has graciously allowed us to extend our Quiet Santa hours, since our schedule filled up so quickly! We have a few appointments open for this Friday 12.23 from 5-8pm. Click here to schedule your appointment.

Picture this:

You’re a kiddo with autism, ADHD, allergies, or sensory processing disorders. You’re getting dragged into a crowded mall by your mother who just wants one decent photo of you with Santa! You’re barraged with bright lights, moving escalators, water features, crowds, noise, blaring music and long lines. Then, you get to the Big Red Guy who booms at you like a cannon going off in the Astrodome: “WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS LITTLE BOY!!”


Yeah, not a successful experience.

But for a lot of families, that picture with Santa with the kids all dressed up is one of those dreams you have as a parent. A lot of those dreams go out the window with a kiddo with sensory processing issues, so if we can bring that back for you- we’d love to! Here’s the reality: one in FIVE kids here in Utah has a Sensory Processing Disorder- and if your kiddo is one of them, this Santa’s for you.


Quiet Santa creates a calm, quiet atmosphere where the kiddos take their time getting used to a new environment before they meet Quiet Santa and Mrs. Claus. They can color, do a small craft, just get comfortable in the new surroundings. When they’re ready, Santa and Mrs. Claus are waiting to meet them at whatever level where your child feels comfortable. These sweet kids have a wonderful time and Mom finally gets her Santa pictures!


Here’s the important part:

This is completely free. We are volunteer-driven and interested only in helping you have a good experience. The beautiful Leonardo Museum in downtown SLC is hosting us this year- just off the 6th South exit, or Trax runs right by the Leonardo. You’ll schedule your time in advance to make certain your little person gets the time and love he or she needs, and we’ll have a professional photographer on hand to take photos if you’d like them- free, of course. You can sign up for Quiet Santa here. Any questions? Please drop a comment below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to see you!

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