Repurposing Christmas Decor Into Valentine’s Day

Repurposing Christmas Decor Into Valentine’s Day. When I started taking down our Christmas decorations, my six year old Zoe was fine with  it until she didn’t see anything new and sparkly taking it’s place.

“Where’s the Valentine’s Day things?”

“Well, sweetie it’s January.  We don’t put those up yet.”

Trembling lower lip.  “You’re killing Christmas?  No holiday?”  (Well, it came out as “howi-day,” but you get my meaning.)


valentine tree 2

Crap.  I guess we’re decorating for Valentine’s Day.  And not just decorating with a wreath on the door.  Zoe wanted the house to look like Cupid had thrown up all over the place.  So, out of decor and certainly out of money, we had to repurpose Christmas.  I didn’t buy anything new, so we ended up with some…ah…creative interpretations.  None of it is genius, but Zoe’s happy and I didn’t spend any money.



Repurposing Christmas Decor Into Valentine’s Day:

valentine tree

1. The Valentine’s Day Tree: used to be our twinkly lights and cranberry concotion.  Paper hearts and ribbon.




2. Kitchen Swag: used to be our greenery and “whimsical” whisk ornaments.  I threw in a few hearts and re-wrapped with the V-Day colors and lights.





3. Entry Hall Valentine’s Day: this used to be a Christmas Fairy display.  I added in more hearts and found some dried roses.




4. Re-purposed Wreath: take off the Christmas-y bow and add a heart or two.




5. Hearts and Bows




6. Door Wreath: changed the ribbon and added a “C” for Collard



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