Reupholstering Old Furniture–6 Simple Steps

Reupholstering Old Furniture–6 Simple Steps

I have a guilty parade of furniture marching through my memory that would have been gorgeous if I’d just made the effort to fix it up…

Reupholstering furniture seems to be the most difficult thing to learn–but nothing makes a chair look better.  Here’s the down and dirty version from “Country Living” magazine.

Reupholstering Old Furniture–6 Simple Steps

1. Pick your fabric

2.Remove Old Upholstery

Remove the old upholstery and any tacks or staples from the frame
removing upholstery

3. Repairing springs

Eight-way hand tie: Matthew demonstrates the “eight-way hand-tie” technique for springs.

4. Apply Fox Edge

Get the feel of the pneumatic staple gun while applying fox edge, a buffer between the frame and the padding.

5. Attach Fabric

After a layer of duke cotton, blue foam, and Dacron, Matthew applies the fabric.


6. Secure Piping

Hot glue secures the double piping.

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