The Right Glass For The Right Wine

At my house…wine goes in anything that’s clean.  I’d like to be more socially appropriate, but the right glass for the right wine only becomes important around the holidays when we all have the fancy-dancy parties.

redneck wine glass

(Editor’s note: when Salt Lake City was vying for the 2002 Winter Olympics, there was a great deal of entertaining of international visitors–especially the all-important members of the IOC–the committee that made the final selection.  Many of the boosters here from Utah were Mormons, and the faith does not allow drinking alcohol.  Thus, many of the boosters weren’t familiar with cocktails and what and or how to serve them.  One of the Russian committee members was greeted with a gigantic water glass of warm vodka, while another member from France received a lovely glass of chilled red wine.  But, we got the Olympic bid and the Games turned out beautifully.   Which makes me believe and Vladimir and Jean-Claude probably drink their cocktails out of a jelly jar at home, too.)

Here’s a delightfully simple guide:

right wine for the right glass

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