Say Goodbye To The “Turkey Wattle” On Your Neck

Say Goodbye To The “Turkey Wattle” On Your Neck!  I’m usually the cosmetic procedure fan, but The Todd wanted to get rid of his “jowley bits” around his neck. Kybella is an extremely exciting new injectable that permanently re-shapes the neck and jawline. You can see some of the befores and afters in the video, plus what the process looks like. In a few weeks, we’ll update with the Awesome of Todd’s “after” photos! No plastic surgery, no big fat expenses, just a lovely sharp jawline and a smooth neck. Enlighten Laser is about to become your new best friend- for a free consultation, call 801.294.9999. You can thank me later. Cookies are nice.

(This is a sponsored post, Todd received Kybella products. But all editorial comments and views are ours.)


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