Seven Days To Sanity: Workout And Eating Plan

Seven Days To Sanity: Workout And Eating Plan. I think most of my January first resolutions have failed spectacularly because because they tended to be pretty brutal and “Do it ALL now!” Sound familiar? Certainly, I have lots and lots to work on, but piling it all up in the first week is just begging to fail. I know all my weaknesses and bad habits will happily wait their turn.





I like this plan because it’s a gentle re-emergence into eating good food and taking care of ourselves in a healthy way.  And yes: you can lose up to five pounds on this plan, but getting a sense of calm in your mind and fitness in your core is the main goal.  Let’s all compare notes after, shall we?  Good luck!


Seven Days To Sanity: Workout and Eating Plan:

seven days to sanity plan

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  1. […] I’ll be putting up some easy and pretty visuals this week, in case you find something you like for your Vision Board.  If you’re looking for a gentle detox program for this week so that you won’t shock your body trying to launch into an all-out diet on January First, take a look at the Sanity Saving Detox. […]

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