Sick Of The Same Ol’ Gift Bags? 5 Fresh New Holiday Wrappings

Sick of the same ol’ gift bags? 5 fresh new holiday wrappings…


I was one who cheered the gift bag.  The “all-purpose throw that sucker in here and you’re good to go” gift bag.  But I have to admit–there’s just something about a beautifully wrapped package that makes it even more unique.  It tells the person you’re giving it to that you really wanted it to be special.

Here’s some new ideas I’ve seen this year–that don’t require excessive handy-type skills to master.

5 Fresh New Holiday Wrappings:

wrapping photo tags

1. Photo Tags–saves all the trouble of addressing anything



wrapping doily

2. Wrapping with doilies–cheap, pretty, what more can you ask?



wrapping vintage

3. Vintage wrap–I printed off some beautiful calligraphy script in German and printed off sheets in a filmy white paper.  Beautiful.



wrapping twine and buttons

4. Twine and buttons–use different embellishments over the old-school brown paper wrap.



wrapping shabby chic

5. Shabby Chic--love this style: printed off some sheet music with a Victorian-style script, enhanced the image and printed off plain white sheets for wrapping.  Use ribbon, greens and flowers as trim.


5 fresh gift wrapping ideas

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