Six Free Tools For Back To School

We’re already tapped out from shopping for back to school, right?  It’s time for some freebies.


Seriously, the Back To School shopping frenzy is the second-biggest spending surge of the year for retailers, right after Christmas shopping.  So, you’re likely as broke as we are–so here’s some goodies to help you finish up.

Vistaprint is offering 6 free tools to prep for school, and they’re free!  Just pay shipping and handling and their all yours.  And they’re customized!  (Editor’s note: even personalizing something won’t keep my MacLean from losing it in 30 seconds flat, but at least it improves the potential to get it returned.)

You can personalize and order:

  • T-shirt
  • Photobook
  • Calendar
  • Tote Bag
  • 250 Business Cards
  • Stamps or Sticky Notes

I priced these out, and at a typical printing place this order would run around $127.50.  Personalize and pick up from Vistaprint for around $36.00 total.  Look, it’s like you’re teaching math!  Surely that should count as homework!  Click here to take a look and orderVistaprint is ridiculously easy to navigate.


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