Skillet S’Mores – Welcome To Taste Bud Ecstasy


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Skillet S’Mores – Welcome To Taste Bud Ecstasy. This discovery has changed my life.

There’s no bad time for S’mores. I’ve huddled over the bleak blue flame of our gas stove to toast marshmallows on a fork. I’ve eaten the combination cold. We’ve given up completely on the “around the campfire” version, because our twins Zachie and MacLean discovered that a burning marshmallow on a stick is a highly effective weapon when flung. Also, did you know that toasted, liquified marshmallow feels like liquid, hot magma when it hits your skin? Yeah.


skillet smores 2

Behold the awesome: Skillet S’Mores. Layer chocolate underneath and marshmallows on top in a cast iron pan put it under the broiler to puff up and brown nicely. Usually 5 minutes is plenty. Use the graham crackers to scoop out the mixture of heavenly goodness and feel your eyes roll back in your skull in taste bud ecstasy. You’re welcome. 

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