The Smokey Eye – Step By Step Directions For Your “Night Face”

The Smokey Eye – Step By Step Directions For Your “Night Face” Ready to try out a new party look? Most of us have the standard go-to makeup look we use for every day, but there’s something about the holiday season that makes me want to sparkle a little more.



This is not something I excel in.  Frankly, I suck at makeup.   And my “smokey eye” look is a lot more like the picture above.  Every time I do have a professional work on my face, I try to get some tips and ideas.  The wonderful Carmella showed me how to try the toughest look of all:

Behold the infamous Smokey Eye!  Here’s a picture by picture tutorial…


The Smoky Eye Tutorial:

  1. Using black or brown eyeliner, line upper lid and crease.  Angle the eyelid line up to meet the corner of the crease line, fill in the narrow triangle between.
  2. Fill in both lines a little more to balance.
  3. Blend.
  4. Run highlighter over brow bone.
  5. Brush beige or nude eyeshadow over lid and just under line on lower lid.
  6. Layer highlighter from corner of eye on upper lid to crease line.
  7. BLEND.  A LOT.
  8. Add fake lashes, individual ones are easier to handle, just do a few at the corners of the eye if it seems like too much work.

I’ll post pictures of MY Night Face if you post pictures of yours…

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