So, You’re Kidding, Right?

My beautiful 4 month old daughter Zoe is rocking along in her little swing next me as I write this…we’re listening to Jack Johnson.  (Zoe digs the mellow stuff.)  And I see the breaking news article about Casey Anthony’s acquittal.  Like most of you, my first reaction is disbelief and then nausea.  Casey Anthony was charged with murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee, a little muffin hardly older than my own daughter.  Among the state’s evidence were web searches on Casey’s computer for “neck breaking” and “asphyxiation by formaldehyde.”

By all accounts, Casey was far more comfortable with partying and promiscuity than parenting.  Her parents took the lion’s share of raising their granddaughter.  But there’s many crappy parents who find their children to be an inconvenience, it doesn’t necessarily make them murderers.

Early in my journalism career, I was assigned court duty for reporting because I’d also been a pre-law undergraduate and had some knowledge of the terminology.  I don’t pretend to be an expert…but I do know there’s a myriad of evidence presented in court that we don’t see in the news reports.  I know there’s a strict requirement of beyond a reasonable doubt that must be observed.  That said, this is a stunning verdict.

Casey’s defense cheerfully threw her parents under the bus–claiming her father had molested her and participated in the cover-up.  There’s several “hot button” defense points that tend work very well, sexual abuse complaints–even unsubstantiated–and childhood abuse really sways a jury.

I don’t know what to hope for here.  I do hope we’re all wrong, and that a vicious sociopath didn’t just go free.  I hope she was telling the truth about her parents, because she just destroyed their lives and reputations with the molestation claims.  I definitely hope this creature never has another child.  And I hope we all do the same thing tonight–hug our children a little longer, look for little ones who need our time and support, and pray that Caylee’s safely back in the arms of those who sent her to this world with such hope.

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9 responses to “So, You’re Kidding, Right?”

  1. won says:

    As the mother of a young girl who also died (from cancer) and I mourned till I didn’t think I had any more tears left (a process that took several years) and then found many more…and still do years later – I am repulsed on many levels.

    I’m so repulsed that I’m not going to even bother fixing that horrible run-on sentence.

  2. Andrea Harmer says:

    It is sicking all around, I hope there is truly justice in this universe for that poor little girl 🙁 I couldn’t phathom anything like this ever happening to one of my children and then covering it up because my abusive daddy made me. I grew up in a horrible situation and you know what I am stronger for it and would never do that to my own children their lives are more important than my own.

  3. Erin (and sometimes The Todd) says:

    I keep thinking about the OJ Simpson verdict–then every ugly, vicious and arrogant thing he’s done since. I don’t think Justice always prevails, no matter how much we hope it will.

  4. Vicki Speer says:

    I couldn’t believe it! I believe it was a travesty of justice. I just don’t get if there was an accident like Casey and her defense team believed how she couldn’t have called 911 if it was an accident, why they didn’t try to recitate little Caylee, why was she thrown like trash in the woods. Why would she party for 30+ days and act like nothing is wrong? I don’t care if she had been abused as she claimed. There have been people who have been abused (as I was as a child) and go on to have children themselves and maybe even be more protective of them. Sorry for the rambling. I guess it is a good thing I am not the ultimate judge.

  5. Vicki Speer says:

    Everyone should give their kids and extra hug and kiss. That is what I am doing.

  6. Erin (and sometimes The Todd) says:

    That is SO you, Miss Vicki–finding something good in the worst of all things. I admire you…

  7. Vicki Speer says:

    I admire you Erin! Love ya! You are a great mother! We should all look at this story and be better mothers to our children and make sure we are there for them because Casey obviously wasn’t there for Caylee.

  8. Jackie says:

    I followed this case and was shocked when the verdict was announced. So sad what Casey did to her family. I’ll be curious to see when she is released if she is welcome back into their home.

  9. Vicki Speer says:

    If I were her family after all the lies she has told about them, I would have nothing to do with her. I would file a restraining order so she can’t come within 500 feet of their home. I bet once she gets out of prison she’ll try going to them and ask them for help. I wonder if her friends will want to party with her now. I wonder what kind of “Beautiful Life” Casey will have now? I know Caylee didn’t get a chance to have one.

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