Squee! Toms Up To 55% Off!

Squee! Toms Up To 55% Off! I missed out on the last Toms sale on Zulily, so I’ve been greedily waiting for nearly a year for these little fellas to hit Zulily again. The offer is good through Monday, June 20th- but if you see something you like, get it NOW, sometimes they add more┬ástock, sometimes they don’t. A pair I really wanted was already sold out. Happy hunting!

For instance…

toms 55 off

I picked up these leather boots for The Todd, $61 down from $98: click here for more Men’s Toms


These are some of the adorable kid’s shoes, Zoe picked out hers this time and felt so adult. (Editor’s note: which means my time of dressing her up like my little doll are likely over. I’m always sad when they insist on developing their own style.)

toms 55 off 3

Zoe’s favorites, $24 down from $38: see more Kid’s Toms here:


toms 55 off 2

All the cute rain boots are on sale, these are $18 down from $36


toms 55 off 4

The Boy’s Toms are on sale too, these were $19, down from $38


toms 55 off 5

I picked these up for our summer trip, I’ve been too stingy to buy any for myself, but the little parrot shoes were $32 down from $54. Click here for more Women’s Toms.


toms 55 off 6

And these cute wedge sandals for my sister’s birthday…$54 down from $98


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