Tackling The Teeny-Tiny Closet & Making It Work for You

Tackling The Teeny-Tiny Closet & Making It Work for You

teeny - tiny closet

It’s not that I’m spoiled–I grew up in a family of 6 children, so I’ve always shared a bedroom.

But when I got to college and the dorm head showed me my closet, I blinked.  “That’s the smallest closet I’ve ever seen.”  He stared at me.  “This is your dorm room.”  He opened a sliver of a door tucked into the corner of the shoebox sized room.  “This is your closet.”


You’d be amazed at what you can fit in–and in an organized fashion!–when you really need to.

Tackling The Teeny-Tiny Closet & Making It Work for You –

5 Brilliant Tiny Closet Solutions:

paring down closet

1.  Pare Down: sorry.  You still have to get rid of those combat boots you haven’t worn since your “angry disaffected youth stage” (Editor’s note: sigh…autobiographical.)  We’re working with physics here.  Too much stuff=no room.  If you’re paralyzed by this effort, click over here for an excellent list to help you pare down ruthlessly.



2.  Build Out:  if you’re tool-impaired, you can pick up sturdy, cheap racks and shelving online at Ikea for less than $20.00.  If you want something that looks kind of like it could be art–try the picture above, directions here on Black Oak Vintage.



3.  Loft Your Bed: Evil Genius.  If your ceilings are high enough, you can buy or build a simple loft bed that allows you to create a walk-in closet underneath.  Use curtain rods and cheap sheets as curtains and viola!  It hides mess.  Photo credit: Arianna Belle



shoe tray

4.  Stash Your Shoes: footwear is bulky.  Shoes can be arranged neatly on a tray and slid under the bed for a quick in and out to get what you need.  Birch and Lily flipped over an old picture frame. Just put anti-scratch pads on the bottom so it’ll slide out more easily without ruining your floors.




5.  Find & Use The Dead Closet Space: Check out how 320 Sycamore does it.  Rods and hooks…catchall baskets…they can be hung anywhere.


Ready for more brilliant space squeezers?  Click here for Buzzfeed’s excellent article.

5 brilliant tiny closet solutions

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  1. This closet looks so very lovely. It also looks enormous!! I am very jealous right now…

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