Take An Incredible Family Portrait

Every photographer I know is taking naps, carbo-loading and popping Xanax like candy.


Credit: New York Daily News

Why?  The next three months are HUGE for Family Portrait Season.  They hate it because we–the family–are stressed out.  We hate the photos, then the photographers hate us because we hate the photos.

Here’s 5 different styles to take a look at; find one that suits your family, study it and show to your photographer.  Think about what you want the portrait to communicate about your family.  (Editor’s note: at this point I would like the portrait to communicate that all of my children can face the same way with their eyes open.)


Good for young families, new arrivals, the sense of reconnection.


Formal–Yet Charming

Good for a more formal statement without being stuffy.


Midst Of The Madness

Good for a fun, slightly funky family who doesn’t take the process too seriously.


Holy Crap!   We have a baby!

The attention and emotion in the picture is centered where we all know it is: the BABY.


Modern Elegant


Look at the clear lighting and muted colors.  Very modern, very stylish without being covered in gilt furniture and crystal chandeliers.


Photos credits found on Ants Magazine, for more ideas, click here. 



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