Talking “The Maze Runner,” Box Office Dominion & On-Set Pranks: Blake Cooper

Talking “The Maze Runner,” Box Office Dominion & On-Set Pranks:

Blake Cooper, “Chuck”


I suspect I’d be an incredibly annoying human being if my first big movie went number one at the box office, and in a big, big way.  “The Maze Runner” took in nearly 33 million dollars out of the gate last weekend.  A mind-boggling number for a 12 year old.  But Blake Cooper, who plays the faithful sidekick “Chuck” to Thomas, (he’s the short little gent in front)  is modest about it all, except for the part when we called him 12.

“Im 13!  Thirteen!”  Pause.  “Uh, ma’am.”

That’s okay, Blake.  I’ll forgive you for calling me “Ma’am” if you forgive me for calling you 12.

james series

This development is especially exciting for us here in Utah, where author James Dashner wrote the youth dystopian series that starts with “The Maze Runner.”  It’s brilliant work, and it’s great to see a local guy break into Hollywood.  (Editor’s note: though sadly, when James’ novels first got optioned by 20th Century Fox, our morning show was the only one to interview him–his book agent couldn’t get any of the media outlets to call her back.  So I called around and convinced some of my tv friends of his Awesome.  Now, guess who can’t get James to take her calls?  Le sigh.  Hollywood.)

maze walls

But, back to the film: Blake tells us about the ins and outs of working with such a gargantuan set, on-set pranks and how a bunch of teenagers celebrate being number one at the box office.  He’s delightful–have a listen.

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