Talking With Bryan Adams

Talking With Bryan Adams


There’s some legends in the music business that The Todd and I always get excited to interview. There will always be the silly, drunk or stoned…but having an in-depth conversation with a class act like Bryan Adams makes us remember why we got into radio in the first place.

I mean, think about it: Bryan played Live Aid in the ’80’s when music began to enact social change.  He’s has multi-platinum albums that span 3 decades, and the man STILL looks 25.


bryan adams self portrait

(photo credit: self-portrait, Bryan Adams)


Anyway, he’s about to release his new album, “The Tracks Of My Years,” and we had a wonderful conversation today about old music, new music, those crappy little transistor radios, his filthy love of heavy metal and his children’s charity.  The man rules.  You can hear the full interview here, along with being one of the first to hear his new single, “She Gets Me.”  Enjoy.


bryan adams interview todd and erin favorite five

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