Taming The Kid Toy Rubble


It only take 16…17…um…8,006 episodes of stepping on a Lego or plastic military man and screaming in pain to realize that taming the avalanche of rubble that is the Kid’s Toy Mountain is a good idea.  Plus, it’s incredibly depressing to me to spend every night listlessly shuffling through the house picking up child debris.  Especially since our Zoe is 16 months now, and actually kind of digging the idea of helping out.

I stumbled on an amazing collection of photos and ideas to create sane and capable children’s storage.  Here’s some of my favorites:

  • Display your child’s art projects on the wall with a magnetic strip, clothesline wire, or pushpins into a sliver of cork-board/bulletin board material. (Photo 1)
  • Invest in some brightly woven baskets for toy storage (I love how this one has handles! – Photo 1)
  • Opt for a more classic look with neutral baskets rather than the typical bright colors (Photo 2)



  • Frame photos of your children and family above their toy storage for a sweet touch (Photo 2)
  • If dress-up is more of a way of life in your household, create a child-size, dress-up rack for easy costume access whenever the imagination takes hold (Photo 3)

There’s piles and piles of more excellent suggestions on MerrimentStyle.com.  Click here to see more ideas and solutions…

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