You and Your Tattoo – The Todd & Erin Morning Stream

You and Your Tattoo – The Todd & Erin Morning Stream. Welcome to our new show! Todd and I have switched to an all-digital platform- and we can now be heard AND seen on several different sites:, Todd and Erin You Tube, Todd and Erin Soundcloud, several different Facebook pages and of course, here. It’s our show, but fancier with all the cool film elements and no music. Go pick yer own music! We’re available day or night- any time you have a moment to listen. We’re an on-demand society, baby!

On today’s show…

What goes through a person’s head when they get a tattoo? Todd and Erin ponder this with painful footage from last weekend’s Tattoo Festival. Moving on to the wildly overcrowded Psychic Festival, we discuss how to find the right “kind” of psychic for you. Yes, there are many, many kinds of psychics. Tea leaves? Palmistry? Tarot? We have another “Tell Me Something Good” with free stays in Scotland, how to “upgrade” your prison stay, and the most Romantic. Proposal. EVER.

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