Teeny Tiny Toned Arms–While You Watch TV

Teeny Tiny Toned Arms–While You Watch TV. I’m a big fan of anything you can fit in on a commercial break.  I actually don’t get a chance to watch much tv–other than the “Walking Dead” on AMC, 71 more days, baby!  But with the twins and The Todd thundering through the kitchen, it’s usually that 4 minutes and 30 seconds that really counts.



Ever heard of “Lazy Girl Fitness”?  I just found her blog and find her to be hugely entertaining.  I tried her arms exercises for the last month–and there is a difference.   I’ve included it below–but I’m sure you’ll want to stop by her site to see more…just click here.

Teeny Tiny Toned Arms In 3 Minutes

The 1st Exercise she does during commercial break are bicep curls. She uses 5lbs and 10lbs weights. Keep your elbows in and don’t rush the curl, concentrate on good form.

2nd Exercise that she does immediately after the Bicep curls is a shoulder press. Stand up straight and make a touchdown motion then press up until the weights almost touch and then pull it back down.  She usually does about 90 seconds of each exercise which comes out to a full commercial break.

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