Ten Simple Food Swaps To Lose Ten Pounds This Month


Ten Simple Food Swaps To Lose Ten Pounds This Month

Nothing more inspiring than a brand, spanking new year, eh? Those Resolutions to eat better, get fit-so much more attainable than they were in the dark and eggnog soaked days of December. But there’s still a pernicious desire to short circuit our success by eating and drinking the wrong things.

hiking 10 food swaps

I do this.

I hiked 18 miles up the jagged Rocky Mountains that surround my home here in Salt Lake City Sunday.  Swear to God, I felt like one of the Von Trapp children.  The only thing missing was my Julie Andrews-esque governess signing “Climb Every Mountain.”  When I hopped on the scale Monday, I was pretty sure I’d weigh the same as…like…Miranda Kerr.  No.  I’d gained half a pound.

Why?  Stupid food choices.  Take a look and see what you can swap out.  Done faithfully, this can register a 10 pound weight drop in one month.

food swaps

Need more ideas?  Click here for Picklee.com

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2 responses to “Ten Simple Food Swaps To Lose Ten Pounds This Month”

  1. advocare says:

    No cravings I am a 3 a day pop drinker and I haven’t missed it one bit with Spark to take it’s place.

    • todderinfav5admin says:

      What a smart idea! I know, soda is incredibly addictive for lots of people-I think it’s the caffeine rush. 🙂

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