Terrible Valentine’s Day Gifts & The Amazing Story Of A Wedding Photographer

It being Valentine’s Day week- The Todd and I begin each show with the Ceremonial Exchange of Gifts. Today, however, we’re using precautionary tales from other friends. Like my girlie who’s boyfriend wanted to get her “something light and funny,” like everything bacon. Bacon lip gloss. Bacon dental floss. Bacon lotion. Bacon bandaids. Only one problem. My girlie Carlie is Jewish.

Plus! So much more… what are the most popular dating sites by state? Utah’s is going to be a shocker. In a mighty battle of Elk vs. Helicopter in Park City, we have a surprising winner. Turns out money CAN buy you love- we’ll explain. There’s an epic tale of Instant Karma- it has to do with a lion and a poacher.

In Tell Me Something Good, we’ll tell you about how a homeless 16 year old turns into one of the most sought-after photographers on the west coast- this kid is such an inspiration!

In Hollywood- all the good old shows are coming back, like The Office! Except they apparently didn’t call one star with the news. Model Gigi Hadid has to defend herself against weight criticisms. I’m sorry, but if Gigi is getting crap, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

A cautionary tale of Poor Life Choice including a drunk and a police station… and a horrifying tale of where surgeons found a SNAIL on someone’s body.

Join us! Have a listen! Share with friends! Why should you suffer us alone?

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