The 5 Best “Gifts In A Jar”

I love jars.  You can pack ’em full of anything and they look cool.




However, there’s some things to put in jars that also make them delightful to open.  The twins, Zoe and I have been working on some simple “gifts in a jar” this summer, and these are all achieveable (sometimes a tad messily) by even a toddler.


The Five Best Gifts In A Jar:



1.  Salted Caramel Sauce with Fresh Apples: especially perfect as we’re heading into Fall and teacher gifts become important.  (Editor’s note: especially in this house.  I do a lot of sucking up to a good teacher.  A lot.)  There’s a good salted caramel sauce recipe by clicking here. 



2.  Pies In A Jar: there’s a heart-stoppingly good recipe for Peach Pie In A Jar by clicking here, but any recipe looks adorable.


sewing kit

3.  Sewing Kit In A Jar: especially helpful as a dorm or new apartment gift, since every 20-something I know is genuinely perplexed by the concept of sewing up hems or replacing missing buttons.  Crap.  I just sounded like my grandmother there, didn’t I?



memories in a jar

4.  Memories In A Jar:  I make these with the kids every summer–we collect sand, shells and such from the beaches we visit and include some sepia-toned photos.  During the winter, they love to unscrew the lid and “take a sniff of summer.”


pizza in a jar

5.  Pizza In A Jar: laugh if you will, I give this one to every single guy I know and they call me nearly weeping with happiness.  Find the full recipe and instructions here.

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