The Challenge: Random Acts Of Kindness

It’s amazing to me still that the most simple things can be the most beautiful.


The Starbucks coffee guy scribbled this on the cup of a nice girl I always stand behind in the morning while I’m waiting for my Chai Tea Latte.  The smile on her face transformed her–and that simple act of kindness did make her the prettiest girl in the world.




Another favorite is the note left on the vending machine at our station, taped to the glass with a dollar and a quarter and a note that said, “have the next drink on me.”


Here’s my challenge for the week–for ALL of us.  Try at least one random act of kindness.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  Something small.  Something quick.  Please leave a comment on this post when you’ve done your Random Act of Kindness, and I’ll have Mr. Randomizer Widget pull a winner for a $50.00 Old Navy gift card on Monday, April 15th.  I’m dying to see what everyone comes up with!


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9 responses to “The Challenge: Random Acts Of Kindness”

  1. Misty Lawrence says:

    I have always love to do random acts of kindness and its something I have been trying to teach my kids. I started an Acts of Kindness chart for my kids and I will randomly give them stickers when I notice something they did that stood out to me.
    I just went on a field trip with my oldest sons 3rd grade class down town and as we were on our way back to the Trax station we passed a homeless person and I pulled out the money I had in my pockets and put it in to his collection cup. As we passed the kids in my group asked why he was homeless and I just gave a random answer about some people’s situations are different and how even the little amounts of money can add up to make a difference to one person. A few kids in my group then decided they really wanted to help the homeless man out by giving him one of the popcorn buckets we had got at the planetarium. They didn’t want the man to starve and thought it would help. I was so proud of my son and hist friends. I could tell that they all felt good inside with there decision to share.

  2. Natalie says:

    There was a homeless man at my exit, I had my leftovers from dinner and gave them to him,he was soo excited he said he heard of the place but never ate there,I’m always trying o help people if they are short on money in line ,and another time my now husband and I were going into a movie theater there was a young high school/ college couple in the lot their car died they had already waited several hrs for a car service so we went in sears and bought cables I needed them anyway, and we jumped their car fr them, they couldn’t believe someone would help them,
    I will try to do something this week to I live doing it, I wish more would do it 🙂

  3. Susie says:

    Whenever I see an elderly person putting groceries in his/her car, I always ask if they need assistance. My little one asked me why I help people I don’t know. I am trying to teach her that we need to help people regardless of whether or not we know them.

    Today at an amusement park, we saw a family buying hot chocolate from a vendor before the start of a show. The children were young and the hot chocolate drinks had LOTS of whipped cream. Unfortunately the vendor didn’t have any napkins. I reached into my bag and pulled out some napkins and asked my daughter to give them to the dad. Although she is very shy, she was very proud of herself when the dad and mom profusely thanked her for the napkins. I was proud of her too!

  4. Diane says:

    Twenty years ago, I spent time living at a YWCA shelter while on the journey out of an abusive marriage. I still vividly remember how worthless and hopeless I felt on the night I checked into the shelter.
    While helping me get settled into my room, the counselor brought me to a small closet that was piled high with sheets, blankets, towels and other necessary supplies.
    Most of the items were old and worn, and obviously had been used by many women who had passed through the shelter before me.
    Instead of grabbing any old linens from the top of the stack, the counselor dug through the pile until she found a beautiful, new pink flowered towel and a matching washcloth. This might sound trivial, but that small act of kindness made me feel that I really did have value, and it brought the first flicker of hope in that dark night.
    In memory of this anniversary of my life, I went out this week and bought several of the brightest, prettiest towels I could find. I will donate them to our local shelter, with a prayer that they will add a bit of comfort and hope to other women who today are passing through the difficult road out of an abusive relationship.

  5. Jennifer says:

    My kids LOVE it when we go grocery shopping and they take in all the grocery carts. It always brings a smile to the cashiers faces (sometimes confusion, ha ha) and my kids find it to be the best part of grocery shopping–and if the weather is bad, that is even better. We first did this last fall when I was trying to do 35 acts of kindness for my 35th birthday, but has since become a tradition any time we go to the store.

  6. Don Hudson says:

    I try to find ways to pay it forward with Random Acts of Kindness whenever I can. Today, as I was walking into a convenience store, a man who said he was homeless – asked me for money for food. I asked, like a sandwich and a drink? And he said,”Two hotdogs would be better.” That is what he got – two hotdogs and a drink. I threw in some mustard packets in the bag. When I told him that – he said – “Thank you, I love mustard.”
    Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 25:40

  7. Tamra H says:

    My husband and I are always trying to perform little acts of kindness whenever possible, and no matter how small. It’s kind of turned into a game for us. Last night at dinner, the restaurant we were at had a few of those toy and candy vending machines by the front door. On our way out, we filled the coin slots of several of them, so the next child to stumble across them would get a free toy, and probably be excited over their freebie find!

  8. Rachel H. says:

    Today at the grocery store I had 2 screaming kids and a cart full of groceries, but there was a sweet little old lady behind with just a loaf of bread. Even though I was desperate to hurry up and get out of there, I told her to go in front of me. She seemed so surprised that I even offered but very grateful. My kids crying didn’t seem so bad after that! =)

  9. Evelyn says:

    Today I made dinner for my family after church. It was an early dinner, but I like to bring my family and uncles and aunts together on Sundays. I baked chicken cooked rice, made soup, and salad!

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